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Touring and Automobile Club of Turkey

Istanbul Book Seller

Istanbul Book Seller is a shop within Istanbul Sanatları Çarşısı where many priceless Touring Publications are promoted and sold.

Touring, a cornerstone for works of culture and arts, is an institution that attaches importance not only to protection of cultural assets but also press and publication activities. Touring has occupied a crucial space owing to press and publication works, which are so valuable for it, undertook by the institution ever since its foundation. Likewise, Istanbul Kitapçısı, owned by Turing, is home to numerous valuable works published by Turing Yayınları.

Such works published under the name Turing Yayınları are being showcased at Istanbul Kitapçısı, one of many other shops located along Kabasakal Avenue of Bazaar of Istanbul Arts.

Books published by Turing Yayınları which are treasures for book lovers owing to their rich and informative contents, include countless books addressing varying topics such as history, architecture, literature, road safety, automobile, fine arts and tourism. Turing, in particular, has copyrighted works which can support promotion of our motherland and Istanbul. Books published by Turing are presented for sale at Istanbul Kitapçısı, yet it has also committed itself to shipping such books to its valued members, all libraries, universities, public institutions and organizations across the nation free of charge. To make a purchase, please click here.

Turing, which still continues to enrich the world of culture and arts with its new publications, offers its visitors a unique book reading experience accompanied with the historical texture of Istanbul Sanatları Çarşısı, which is operated by Turing. Istanbul Kitapçısı, a place beyond a spot visited by people for only purchasing books, is almost a meeting point past and today. It is also one of the rare places where one can become one with books while sipping coffee at the courtyard of the bazaar which is home to it. Additionally, Istanbul Kitapçısı which almost creates a feeling of time travel offers a sightseeing opportunity among architectural and historical structures with an unparalleled beauty.

“Touring and Automobile Association of Turkey Bulletin”, which was first published in 1930, one of Turkey's oldest continuously published magazines, is also being offered to taste of readers at Istanbul Kitapçısı. A complimentary copy of Touring Magazine is also offered to all visitors of Istanbul Kitapçısı, which is published quarterly in Turkish and includes pages containing different travel articles from both Turkey and around the world, architecture, nostalgia automobile series, automobile introduction articles, interviews conducted with members of the institution, news on Touring services, headlines on culture-arts topics as well as abstracts in English.

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Istanbul Book Seller

You may either come to Sultanahmet and may directly buy precious books published by Touring Publications from Istanbul Kitapçısı, or you may place an online order via our contracted e-commerce websites.

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