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Katı’ (Paper Cutting)

Rumor has it that katı’ art which is believed to have emerged, for the first time, in Afghanistan in 14th century, yet, according to art historians, it emerged as a folkloric art in Central Asia. First examples of katı’, a type of decorative art, are found on covers of books which are engraved leather. Its examples in the Islam world date back to era of Timurids and the Ak Koyunlu in the 15th century. It is known that the first and most important master of this art is Abdullah Kaatı who was trained in Herat in 15th century.

The era when katı’ art, original and beautiful style of adornment, found a room for itself and developed in the Ottoman corresponds to the 16th century. This art which occupied a wide area in Turkish book arts is encountered in different artifacts with different properties such as old binder covers of engravings with a rich diversity of patterns, muraqqa albums, handwritten manuscripts and writing drawers.

It is the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent when paper cutting became popular in the Ottoman. Similarly, it became the second most used art after illuminated manuscript during reign of Selim the Grim and Bayezid II.

Katı’ handicraft resonated in Europe is the 17th century thanks to interest shown by Western orientalists who travelled to the East. Art of paper cutting, known as katı’ in the Ottoman, found a room for itself in Europe under the name of silhouette. Apart from its transfer to Europe, styles used in art of katı’ underwent changes throughout centuries, especially due to effect of Tulip Era in 18th century. Following emergence of the new style, “katı’ landscape paintings” appeared which are dominated by a three dimensional view. Apart from landscape paintings, flower motifs are among ornamentations that stood out during that era. Starting from the second half of 18th century, katı’ handicraft, too, was bound to regress, as was the case with other traditional handicrafts.

Although it regressed, with performance of master craftsmen at the Bazaar Of Istanbul Arts, a Touring undertaking, it is, today, one of the art branches maintained.

Istanbul Handicrafts Center- Kat'ı

Examples of the works of our artists;

The artists performing the art of kat’ı at the Bazaar of Istanbul Arts are as follows:

Ersin Yıldızhan
Born in Istanbul in 1967, Ersin Yıldızhan completed his primary, secondary and high school education...
Ersin Yıldızhan
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