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Fabric Dyeing

It is known that coloring fabric with various techniques, or creating various patterns on it is a centuries-old tradition. Process of coloring fabrics started to be used by civilizations of Anatolia and Egypt in the first age whereas its use emerged in Western European countries in the middle age.

Different substances were used to color fabrics. For instance, natural dyes derived from various fruits and insects, mineral dyes derived from compounds such as lead, zinc, chrome, cobalt and barium and synthetic dyes produced with combination of chemical substances are dyes that have been in use since the first ages. The most distinctive feature of synthetic dyes is its quality and ease of implementation as well as its richness in color. When looking into dyes used for fabric dyeing today, in addition to other materials used, it is observed that this art is sustained with natural materials such as tea, onion peel, hay, quince leaf, walnut leaf, lime flower, pine bark. Apart from natural materials, developments in the field of industry and technology played a role in use of synthetic dyes derived from chemical substances. Following development of fabric industry, dyes not bleeding from the fabric started to be produced, and this led to some difficulties in supply of materials that were used in the past and implementation of such materials over fabrics, thereby, interest for this field declined over the time. The change took place not only in the type of dye used but also in the value ascribed to techniques used for fabric dyeing up until 18th century.

Today's fabric dyeing has turned into an art where synthetic dyes and brushes are used in parallel to such developments. Although essence of materials used changed, motifs and patterns used retain their originality.
A Touring undertaking, Bazaar of Istanbul Arts, is too, home to the most beautiful contemporary performances of fabric dyeing art, as one of the place where Turkish - Islamic Handicrafts are maintained. It is possible to see craftsmen conserving this precious handicraft produce their works apart from works of art at the bazaar which is home to valuable figures of fabric dyeing. You may also find works of art at store store section of our website, or via our contracted e-commerce web sites.

Istanbul Handicrafts - Fabric Dyeing

Examples of the works of our artists;

The artist who performs the art of dyeing fabric at the Istanbul Handicrafts Center is as follows:

Sevil Apaydın
Born in Malatya in 1942, Sevil Alpaydın graduated from Malatya Girls' Institute. Learning the art of ...
Sevil Alpaydın
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