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Calligraphy Art

Calligraphy (hat) art, an Islamic art, is based on writing ayats (verses) of Quran beautifully because Muslims strived to make the writing more beautiful.

Hüsn-i hat, from the word hat which means "writing, line", as a term, is defined as “art of writing Arabic script in a beautiful fashion by staying loyal to esthetical metrics."  It can also be defined as “a spiritual geometry formed with earthly instruments.”
Calligraphy (hat) art, the most prominent one of art branches represented at Istanbul Sanatları Çarşısı and also of the Turkish-Islamic arts has a very deep history. Hüsn-i hat started upon guidance provided by Prophet Mohammed (saw) to clerks on how they will write letters and has an evolution of 1400 years. Spread of hüsn-i hat followed spread of Islam, and the most beautiful examples of this art were produced thanks to Ottoman calligraphers in particular.

Hat (calligraphy), an Islamic art, is based on writing of ayats in a beautiful form. Since it is words of Allah, Muslims strived, for centuries, to find ways of making this writing more beautiful.  Art of Hüsn-i hat was performed within relationship of mater-apprentice, sustaining tradition of permission.

The most basic form of this art is Kufic script, born in the city of Kufa. There are 6 main script types known as aklâm-ı sitte (six pens), which take Kufic script, accepted as the basic script, as the starting point. These include sülüs, muhakkak, tevkî, reyhânî, rik’a and nesih. Taliq script born in Iran was written masterfully by, again, Ottoman calligraphers. Now, craftsmen of our bazaar are producing a great deal of art on aforesaid types of script.

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Istanbul Handicrafts - Calligraphy

Examples of the works of our artists;

The artists performing calligraphy in Istanbul Handicrafts Center are as follows:

Veysel Kucuras
While expressing the effects of his art; “You begin to look at the universe through the eyes of art.”...
Veysel Kucuras
Ece Oğuz
"Taking care of this art allowed me to spend my time always in beauty and I have always looked for the beautiful.”...
Ece Oğuz
Merve Özdeş
Calligrapher Merve Özdeş was born in 1990 in Istanbul and graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in 2014...
Merve Özdeş
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